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Editorial Address: Professor Dr. Mehmet Ali Calm Gaziosmanpaşa University, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Agriculture 60250 60250 Premium Campus – Tokat Phone: (356) 252 1616/2123 Fax: (356) 252 1488 Email: (Hidden) ASP Type and Printing: Goü Printing, 60250, Taplıçiftlik Campus – Slap

A. Broadcasting Rules 1. In the field of agricultural sciences in the field of agricultural sciences in Gaziosmanpasa University, Faculty of Agriculture is published in the field of agricultural sciences. 2. Articles to be published in the magazine can be written in Turkish and English. 3. In the first application, one should be sent to the Original and all three of the three copies, as a total of four copies, with the “Copyright Copy Form ” to the Agriculture Faculty Magazine Editor. 4. Articles sent to the magazine are sent to three counselors to be evaluated. In line with the consultant opinions, it is decided on the publication of the article. 5. It cannot be made in the works, insertion or decal to the author for the printing and correction. 6. The final shape of the articles accepted in the publication is evaluated by the Chairman of the Agricultural Board. The publication process is published on the basis of the arrival history completed. Unpublished articles are not returned to the authors. 7. The same number of the magazine of a writer can be printed as a first name as a second and other name during the second and other name two. 8. Any responsibility in the published articles belongs to the author (s). 9. The artifacts that do not meet the above mentioned rules are not evaluated. 10. The articles that are requested to be published must be sent to the following mail and / or e-mail address. Mailing Address: Professor Dr. Mehmet Ali Calm Gaziosmanpaşa University Faculty of Ziraat Faculty of Ziraat 60250 Tokat E-Mail Address: (Hidden) B. Spell rules 1. The artifacts to be sent to the journal should be written in the single face of the A4-size paper with 11 punto Times New Roman-type letters and 1.5 lines intermittent. The page blanks must be 3 in cm. Each page and lines of the article should be numbered. The article should not exceed 15 pages total. 2. If the study was supported by an institution / organization or prepared from the doctor / master’s thesis, this should be given as footnote at the bottom of the first page. 3. Author Names (s) should be written on and no academic title should be specified. The addresses must be written immediately below the names so that the first letter of the words are large. 4. The artifacts to be sent to the journal shall be abstract, abstract, input, material and method, findings and discussion, result, thanks (if necessary) and resources departments. The subtitles must be numbered with the main headings in the text departments of the articles.

5. Summary and Abstract should be written with 10 Points and 1.5 December so that it does not exceed 200 words. In Turkish written articles in English, the title of the topic of the Turkish summary in English written articles should be written from the same language. Keywords under the English summary should be written under the English summary, not to exceed five words. 6. The resources benefited in the works must be given in the text and the year. In references to the sources with three or more authors, et al.

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